Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Free Spirits!

Aren't they wonderful?! This trio of Free Spirits were made by Joyce, and I just love them. Showing off their bendy legs and sassy attitudes, and their terrific hairstyles :-)

I am so loving seeing this pattern interpreted by other wonderful dollmakers. If you make a doll from the pattern, please let me know and, as you can tell, I will happily post her (or them!) here.

You can see more pictures of the girls, and other great crochet and embroidery, at Joyce's photostream:


  1. omg, these girls are wayyyyy cute! such a terrific pattern.

  2. Hi Beth: Thanks for posting The Girls. I just have to say this because I've struggled with putting legs on my dolls individually sewn on or crocheted on for years with less than desirable results. Your method of attaching the legs to the torso is brilliant. I've already put this to use in other jointed creations and did I say it's freakin BRILLIANT!!! Something so simple yet so genius. And I had mentioned before,the ponytail holder for waistlines is brilliant too.


  3. Thanks for the kind comments :-) I really like using the ponytail holders for waistbands...cuts down on the bulk and you don't have to sew snaps, buttons or velcro (which just eats the yarn).

    And I also dislike sewing limbs to dolls, especially the legs. If I can crochet it together, all the better :-)