Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring in Indy

Bike riding around our hometown this weekend.  Amazing how Spring can grace even a large city.


  1. Ahh, spring! Can't wait till we get ours! Your pics are lovely and it looks like such a pretty city to live in! I popped in to see your sweet little doll houses too and must say that you've done such an awesome job on them and their tutorials! Also, I wanted to see if you had any pointers on how best to share the Beanie Belle pattern with my blog friends? I really loved your suggestion, but I'm not sure how I'd go about doing it. There are only a few extra pattern pieces needed (added onto the Pixie Pattern) and some simple instructions, and I thought that those who already had the Pixie pattern might somehow download them from my blog. If you know of an easy way for me to do that, I'd really appreciate your help!
    Have a lovely week Beth!

  2. I think I'm going to pack and move to your's beautiful and it looks so peaceful...just what I need to reduce anxiety. I guess I can continue to gaze at your beautiful pictures and imagine I'm there...Ahh a stress reliever. Thanks for sharing Beth.


  3. Beautiful pictures. Wish spring would arrive here, we still have snow banks around.


  4. WOW! Beautiful! Stunningly beautiful.. but how did you clear the streets? Hee Hee.. (every time I try to take a photo of some of the glorious structural landmarks in my hometown.. there's always that 1 stray car or person that just kills the shot...)
    Many bounties of Spring to you dear lady. A bright new rebirth to a new and glorious growing year. Enjoy! (and it looks like you will.)

  5. I never really noticed that there is no traffic in these pictures; interesting. We had to wait a couple times for cars to pass so we could stand in the middle of the street :-) It was Saturday afternoon, and two beams from the New York World Trade Center were being transported to downtown to become part of a 911 memorial. That may be where everyone was.

    Indy is like any large city, with its share of social and economic problems. But even so, there are still beautiful places to see, and good people to know. Trees will shade and flowers bloom wherever they are planted, just like us.


  6. Gorgeous photos, and the weather looks is snowing here.

  7. Looks a lot like Spring in Boise.

    My G'ma lived in Indy and we would visit her almost every Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful place back then, in the 70's - not near as large as now, but still large. She lived near the race track, but not toooooo close. Would be fun to visit again just to see what has changed.

    Love your doll house and all the goodies in the next post - especially the cats! ;o)