Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Awesome Dollmaking CD

Now available for purchase from Etsy  is this truly awesome dollmaking CD by Victoria DiPietro!   Through this CD Victoria will teach you how to create your own Portrait Style doll with a beautifully sculpted face of your design, and wonderfully articulated body of craft velour or woven cotton.  In addition, there are several techniques for wigging your doll, one of which yours truly has provided :-)

 Anita Marie with a Tibetan lambskin wig; photo courtesy Victoria DiPietro

In Victoria's words:  "I can't believe it, my friend!  The CD is finished :-)    196 pages, 426 photos and drawings between us.  Patterns and mapping guide templates aren't part of the total count."  This is an incredibly complete instruction set for creating a personal work of art.

 Anita Marie displaying her beautifully articulated body; photo courtesy Victoria DiPietro

This CD focuses on creating the doll itself; the sculpted face and beautifully articulated body.  A second CD, already in the works, will provide an extensive wardrobe of cloth and crochet to clothe your doll.

There are so many techniques that are described in great detail in this CD; information to inform and expand any dollmaker's repertoire of skills.

Katheryn Josephine with crochet wig

A doll created for adult play, as an heirloom for a loved one, or as a journey of exploration into the wonderful world of dollmaking; this CD is your passport.

Victoria's Etsy Shop:  Victoria DiPietro Designs
Dollmakers Journey:  Victoria's CD available here
Victoria's Portrait Doll Flickr Set:  Portrait Style Dolls in Cloth and Paperclay


  1. Bought mine! Thanks for posting about it Beth.

  2. I think I'm going to get one too. The doll looks well constructed snd i want to start working with paper clay. Looking forward to the clothing cd too.

  3. Paper clay is not for me, but - great dolls.

    Btw, dear Beth, I made a doll of your pattern - :)

  4. Hi Siljec,

    Your doll on Viola on Ravelry is great! I love her Goth look; thank you for sharing her with us :-)


  5. I'm so proud of Victoria I could burst. And that my dear friend and talented dollmaker in her own right (you), has also contributed to this amazing CD. I popped over to V's Etsy Shop, read the write-ups and sent her my congrats.

    Thanks for letting us know. I'm sure it will be a huge success.

    Love ya,


  6. Joyce, thank you so much for your good words, dear friend :-)