Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Edwardian Variation

I have two new patterns to share, plus a new girl to model them! Emily is another Edwardian Free Spirit. She has peachy skin (Red Heart Classic light peach) and blond streaked hair (Lionbrand Imagine, which they discontinued...drat them! and a laceweight mohair). She also has gold Suncatcher eyes.

Her dress is another variation of the basic Edwardian dress, this time with a lower neckline and puffed upper sleeves that gather into tight fitting lower sleeves. This way, she can wear a variety of collars that are detachable and button in the back. The pattern for the dress is here:


And the collar patterns are here:


Also, they are listed on the left hand side of the blog page under Free Spirit Patterns.

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I have :-)


  1. Oh Beth, no fair. How will I ever get a cloth doll done when you keep posting all these lovely clothes projects? I'm almost crosseyed now!

  2. Kate, I'm grinning here :-) Your crochet work is so lovely, just go with the flow!