Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Simple Doll

 It has been a long while since I designed a new doll.  As I get older, I find working with the finer yarns I enjoyed using are harder to see and work with.  Yet I still like smaller dolls.

And with prices going up everywhere, good value-priced yarns become more desireable to me.  My favorite is Red Heart Super Saver.  A particularly good yarn for making toys, as it wears like iron, and comes in large skeins that are valued priced.  Not to mention, a boodle of colors, including some great skin tones.

So here is a very simple crochet doll, using worsted yarn for the body, hair, and clothing.  She stands eight inches tall without the wig cap.  Being retired, I can make the doll in one day, and have the evening to read or watch a movie!  There is no definition for feet or hands.  She is crocheted in one piece, with the arms crocheted into the body.  No internal frame or special neck stabilzing, except for a twisted rope of yarn.

And, she is just in time for the Friday after Thanksgiving!  Instead of pounding the pavements looking for gifts, you can curl up with a cuppa tea or coffee, your favorite yarn, and make a doll that will delight a boy or girl.  Oh yes, and nibble on leftover turkey!

Here is the pattern for Simple Doll, with several different wig caps:

Simple Doll

And here is the pattern for Simple Doll's wardrobe, which also includes a nightgown.  With these elements,  you can make all kinds of outfits.  Put long sleeves on the dress, make a blouse out of the nightgown, a sweater dress out of the pullover.

Simple Doll Wardrobe

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and enjoy the crochet!