Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Portrait Dolls by Victoria DiPietro

 Katheryn Josephine in her many wigs

I have an exciting project in the works!  I've been asked by doll artist Victoria Di Pietro  to collaborate with her on a doll design CD to be offered this coming Spring.  Victoria designs and creates some of the loveliest dolls in cloth and paper clay that I have ever seen.  And her costuming skills are equally impressive. 

Katheryn Josephine, above, is a working model of the Portrait Doll that Victoria envisions.  My contributions to the endeavor are the crocheted wig designs that Katy Jo is modeling, and some easy crochet garments yet to be created.

Anita Marie, with a wig of Tibetan lamb

This is Anita Marie, sister to Katy Jo, also created by Victoria.  Victoria also crafted her wonderful wig, from Tibetan lamb.  All of the wigs are removable, thanks to a crochet cap as the base.  Simple double sided tape secures the wig to the head.

You can see, in both of these wonderful dolls, Victoria's amazing costuming skills.   Clothing patterns by Victoria, and crochet patterns by moi.

 Anita Marie and Katheryn Josephine, beautifully crafted by Victoria DiPietro

This doll is created in craft velour, with the head sculpted in paper clay.   This is a beautiful doll from within and without.  A Portrait Doll, to create in the image that you envision.

I hope this has piqued you interest in this unique doll.  Stay tuned for further developments :-)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Three new girls

In between wrapping Christmas gifts I've been working on three new knit girls :-)   My knitting gauge is still not quite as it should be; the first two girls turned out a bit smaller than I intended.  Violet and Jennifer ended up  eight and a half inches tall.  But I love small dolls, so they will fit right in.  Their big sister Virginia is a few rows larger, which made her nine and a half inches tall. 

They all have lots of lovely mohair hair, and they were so fun to make. 

Now to get them dressed!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A simple knit sweater for Riley

Here is a very simple knit sweater to fit Riley, Tulah or Zsu Zse.  It is just rectangles, with no shaping.  The shoulder seams are sewn, then the sleeve stitches are picked up and knitted into the side of the sweater.  Sew up the sleeve and side seams, and it is done!  All you need to know are the knit and purl stitches.

This is a resizing of the knit sweater I designed for my knit Waldorf doll.

The pattern is here and on the left sidebar under Krochet for Kish.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Blessings, 2011

Many are our blessings.  These are mine.

Remember your blessings this Holy Day season.