Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Isobel and Moira

Moira and Isobel in their knit finery

Moira, in the navy blue knit, and Isobel, with her fox ears, and the latest two Eva dolls I've made.  I love little knits, so there is now a knit pattern to share for their sweater, cap, and dress:

Eva Knits

Also included is Isobel's fox-ear headband, in crochet :-)


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What Eva has inspired

The Eva doll pattern, freely available on Ravelry, continues to inspire my dollmaking.  So does Suzanne Woolcott's Gorjuss Girls :-)

So here is a little Fox pattern, that makes a perfect companion for my foxy Eva girl, Isobel:

Foxy Friend

And for your crochet dolls, how about a remove-able wig?  Once you've made the basic pattern, you can vary it to a short bob, long curls, even braids if you want.

You can make the hair strands longer or shorter.  If you want braids, make them thinner (use sl sts instead of hdc sts).  A whole wardrobe of remove-able wigs can be made for your doll :-)

And again, once you understand the basic pattern, the wig can be sized for any doll, or use any yarn.  How nice to have lovely, long hair that won't get tangled!

Remove-able Wigs

Have a lovely day, and enjoy the crochet!