Saturday, February 25, 2012

Amethyst, from Fiona McDonald's book 'Babes in the Wool.'

Amethyst is from Fiona McDonald's book 'Babes in the Wool.'   This is the book that inspired me to learn to knit.  This doll was simple to make, and wonderful in her result.  Can you believe that such a beautiful and sophisticated doll can be made from knitting?

I have four nieces, ages 6 through 12, and these dolls seems to me to be the perfect gift for the fashion forward tween :-)  She is soft, pose-able, dress-able, and cool.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Embyr, a Fire Elf

Embyr is a fire Elf, based on the dolls from Fiona McDonald's 'Knitted Fairies' book.  This is a wonderful doll form, and has been great fun creating my own special Elves.

Fiona has two other books, so I will crack the pages of a new book and see what new creation emerges :-)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Flytt, another knitted Elf

Flytt is another knit doll from Fiona McDonald's book "Knitted Fairies."  Again, I've left off her wings and made her an Elf :-)  This time, I used the correct weight of yarn, and I'm much happier with the results.  The knit stitches are nice and tight, and allow stuffing the doll without spreading the stitches.

This is a great doll form, and it is so much fun to get creative with the faces.  I shaded her face with PrismaColor colored pencils dipped in water and applied very lightly.  I'm dreadful with a paintbrush; the pencil gives better control, and mixed with water gives a nice wash effect.

I made her arms and legs slightly wider (the legs are actually the pattern for the male Fairies).  I wrapped a pipecleaner with a thin layer of stuffing, and sewed up the limbs encasing the pipecleaner.  This gives her arms and legs a nice degree of pose-ability.

Fiona's books are wonderful instruction and inspiration for any dollmaker; enjoy!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

An heirloom gift

I received this beautiful painted box from a Flickr friend, Pinke` (aka on Flickr) in a talent trade.  Look at how perfectly she has captured these three girls on the lid of the box.

The box is for Violet (the middle girl), and her namesake flowers are painted all around the box.

And she fits the box perfectly!

And this is Jennifer, who went to live with Pinke`.  I think we are all happy :-)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Knitted dolls by Fiona McDonald

Fiona McDonald's knit dolls are one of the two reasons I wanted to learn to knit!  A year ago, I posted about Fiona's book 'Babes in the Wool,'  (see the post here).   I fell in love with her dolls, especially the way she does the faces.  Now I have finally made one of her designs, from the book 'Knitted Fairies.'

And, even though I used the wrong yarn (sportweight instead of worsted), he turned out pretty cute.  I left off the wings, so he is actually an Elf, but he's happy that way :-)

Fiona has three book on knitted dolls, each filled with ideas for dolls that will make your head spin.  The knitting is simple, and the results are amazing.

She also has a blog; check it out!

And finally, I am fortunate to own one of Fiona's original dolls, crafted by herself.  This doll is even more gorgeous in person.