Thursday, July 25, 2013

More coral reefer madness

More coral reefer madness!  Using different texture yarns, and different increase algorithms for the hyperbolic corals is compelling, to see how the resulting coral will turn out.  Plus, a little free form crochet for coral reef denizens that aren't hyperbolic :-)

The little fish are from a free pattern (NOT one of mine) available here:

I modified the basic pattern, shown on the right, to make a little clownfish, shown on the left. 

The basic hyperbolic shapes for this reef are shown below, plus a couple of free form sponges.

I'm starting to run out of space!  It would be nice to turn this into a wallhanging. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crochet a Coral Reef

Pearl and Urchin need a place to live, and a beautiful coral reef is just the place.  This is something that you can make for your own resident mermaids, with stash yarn and simple stitches.  Along the way, you may discover how beautiful and fragile coral reef ecosystems are.

Here are some pattern guidelines for making your own coral reef:

Crochet Coral Reef

The idea for crocheting a coral reef has been around for several years; a driving force for this is the Institute For Figuring.  Their website has a wealth of information on coral reefs, the threats they face, and the project to create coral reefs from crochet.  Here are some additional websites with pictures, information, and patterns:

The Gainsville Florida reef information, links, and patterns
Crocheted corals on Pinterest pictures of crochet corals from many sources

This is the kind of project you can make as small or large as you like, or 'grow' it over time.  Mine is rather small and mounted on a wooden plaque, but I think that it will grow :-)

Welcome to our undersea home!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Mermaids Tail

Urchin is a mermaid of the coral reef.  Here is a pattern to turn your Forget-Me-Knot into a siren of the seas :-)

Mermaids Tale

She needs a coral reef to live in, and so my next project will be to crochet her one.  If you've never heard of the idea of crocheting a coral reef, just do a Google search on 'crochet coral reef.'  You will be blown away by the color and forms and amazing realism of a crocheted coral reef :-)

Enjoy the day, and enjoy the crochet!