Friday, September 23, 2011

Another great Lionbrand cowl

There she is again!   Here is another great cowl pattern from Lionbrand.  This is the Supernova Cowl, crocheted from Vanna's Choice Glamour.  Glamour is a light sportweight yarn with a fine strand of metallic wrapped around the core yarn. 

This cowl made up beautifully; I wish you could see the subtle sparkle the metallic gives this look.   The cowl is 60 inches long, with the short ends crocheted or sewn together.  This yields a lot of versatility.  You can wear it long like a shawl, wrapped once or twice around your neck, or pulled up to cover your hair.   The v-stitch gives a lot of drape.  Simple and lovely to make, this will be a great Christmas gift :-)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

BellaDonna Pocket Spirit

BellaDonna, a Pocket Spirit, is a commission for a friend.  It has been a bit since I've made a Pocket Spirit doll; coming back to them is like returning to an old friend.  I really love to make these little dolls :-)

She is Nightshade's sister; you can see Nightshade here.

Enjoy the crochet!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick for Christmas

I've been playing dolls so much, I'm way behind on my Christmas crocheting.  Thank goodness Lionbrand has 3000 free crochet and knit patterns!  This is their 'Fast and Easy Cowl,' and it is just that, and beautiful as well.  It is crocheted of Lionbrand Amazing, a light worsted weight yarn that is 53% wool, 47% acrylic. 

It was heavenly to crochet with, light and soft, and self stripes beautifully.  The cowl took 2 skeins, so it is also fairly easy on the budget. 

The reason there are four of me (one is more than enough!) is to demonstrate the different ways this can be worn.  A lovely, versatile, warm bit of wearable art :-)

Enjoy the crochet!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

EEEK! A Bedbug!

Look who arrived in the mail yesterday...Bliss the Bedbug!!  From the talented April Ross; thank you so much :-)  You can follow the Bedbug antics at Martha and Jane; you will be amazed at what they get up to! 

Bliss scrambled out of that envelope and made herself right at home in my jar of wooden flowers.

I just hope she doesn't bite....