Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sophia Delphine and her fantasy petticoat

I am still captivated by Sarah Elizabeth Kellner's China Doll pattern, and the wonderful possibilities she presents.  My latest doll is Sophia Delphine, a young lady of 1855.  She is wearing a petticoat with a strapless crochet sweetheart bodice and a lace net skirt, embellished with a bit of Irish crochet.

China Doll Strapless petticoat

I'm not sure poor Sophia will ever get anything more to wear than her petticoat; it is so pretty I hate to cover it up!

I have another doll in the works, Lillian Hopewell, a young black woman of the 1890's.  Right now she is just a head and shoulder plate:

Lillian has a story to tell; it will be exciting to hear what it is :-)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Anna Celeste; ready for the dance, and sweet dreams.

I spent the week working on Anna's dress for the ball :-)  It reminded me of the scene from the Disney's Cinderella, where the mice and song birds all work to make Cinderella's ball gown.  A little from here, a little from there, and hey, presto!  a lovely dress.

I have a pattern for the bodice, which is a simple adaptation of the camisole pattern.  I was caught up the making process and did not write down specific instructions for the skirt and bodice trims, but there are suggestions in the bodice pattern.  Use some of your lace patterns and create a lovely gown of your very own :-)

Evening Gown Bodice

You may notice that Anna has a different hairstyle for the ball.  With this doll it is so easy to make more than one wig for her to wear :-)  This one has a center part created with double crochet and slip stitches, and numerous long curles caught up at the back of her head, with a couple along the neckline.  White roses decorate her hair.

After the ball, Anna will be very tired, so she will slip into her nightgown and snuggle into bed, dreaming of the wonderful time she had at the dance:

Victorian Nightgown

Sweet dreams, Anna Celeste :-)