Friday, July 31, 2015

Three Easy Pieces

While I was roaming around Pinterest looking for interesting crochet, I found several beautiful cuff bracelets.  I wanted to make something with a Bohemian vibe, so I took a look at Ravely to see what kind of patterns they might have.

These three patterns were all available as Ravelely downloads from Gergely-Santa.  They were pretty easy to make; there are a lot of pictures in the pattern, and a bit of crochet diagraming.  They are not free, but certainly not expensive, and will make wonderful Christmas gifts :-)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ready to Ride!

From left to right: my brother, nephew #2, Dad, me, nephew #3, nephew #1, beloved husband, sister-in-law

Ready to ride in the Great Greenway Tour!  My sister is the camera-person :-)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

What we saw: 7/12/2015

On our bike ride this morning, up through downtown Indy.  From the top left, "I am Indy" at Fountain Square;   deer sculpture in front of the Eiteljorge Museum of Native American History; Eli Lily rain garden with downtown Indy as a backdrop; and the flooded White River at White River park.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lillian Hopewell

Lillian Hopewell is a young woman of the 1890's.  Graduated from Wilberforce College in 1893 with a B.S. mathematics, she is about to begin her first day of teaching.  She is nervous, confident, and excited; she knows that to teach is to touch the future.

One way that she personally wants to touch the future is to buy one of the new safety bicycles.  Imagine, being able to travel under your own power at 10 miles per hour!  

Lillian's mother came to Zanesville, OH in 1863 as a teenager, in the company of her aunt and uncle along the Underground Railroad.  In Zaneville she met Lillian's father, who owned a small dry goods store.  After a lengthy courtship, they married, and Lillian was born in 1870.  Their only child, and most beloved.

Patterns for Lillian's first day at school suit:

China Doll Dickey

China Doll Gibson Girl skirt

China Doll Gibson Girl jacket

Lillian Hopewell, from the knit China Doll pattern by Sarah Elizabeth Kellner