Thursday, February 26, 2015

Simply Amis

 Mignonette, 7 inches tall; Violette, 8.5 inches tall

Back to my first love, crochet dolls!  Did you know, ami is not only short for amigurumi, but is also French for friend;  Migonette and Violette are simply amis and simply friends :-)

The pattern for these two dolls borrows from crochet dolls I've made in the past.  I love the move-able head on a neck stub joint, and the swing legs that attach to the body as you are crocheting, instead of being sewn on later.

I was also inspired by the amazing crochet dolls that you can find on Pinterest.  If ever you find yourself in a creative slump, look at what the world is creating by searching Pinterest.  Lots and lots of visual inspiration.

This doll has simple limbs, and a simple face.  The pattern includes many construction images to help you.

Simply Ami's

Crochet works up so fast!  It is almost instant gratification, and these dolls really are simple.  And sweet.  And friends :-)

Coming soon, some clothing!  In the mean time, enjoy the crochet :-)

***Update 8:00pm***

A small wardrobe for Violette is now available.  Her trousseau is crocheted of Knit Picks Palette (a fingering weight wool yarn)  with a D hook

Violettes dress and cloche

Violette's Trouseau

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tansy Mae's Wardrobe

Tansy Mae wants to share her wardrobe patterns with you :-)  One for  simple knit capri pants, that can be made into trousers, bloomers, or shorts.  The other is a collection of simple top-down knits to make a smock top, T-shirt, and a lacey nightgown.

Except for a bit of a back opening on straight needles, all of these are knit in the
round on size 4 dpn's.  For some reason, using fingering weight to sport-weight yarn, my gauge was 6 stitches to the inch.  These are simple, loose fitting items, so a slight variation in gauge will probably not be a problem. 

These knits are sized for a 10 to 12 inch Waldorf doll.

Waldorf capri pants

Waldorf Tshirt/smock/nightgown

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tansy Mae

Tansy Mae is another Waldorf doll with a knit body, knit in the round on dpn's.  Her T-shirt and tunic are knit from the same basic pattern, from the neck down.  This pattern is easily adaptable for shirts, dresses, tunics, and nightgowns.  Currently I'm working on a nightgown with eyelets in the skirt.  When I get all the instructions written up, the pattern will be freely available here. 

I like the idea of working top down and seamlessly.  Thanks to Ravelry for introducing me to this technique :-)

I used fingering weight yarn for the T-shirt, and sport for the tunic and capri's.  For some reason, both worked up to the same gauge with size 4 dpn's, about six sts to the inch.