Friday, November 23, 2012

Make some magic on Black Friday!

After I finish this blog post, I am going to fix myself a cup of coffee, get out my hooks, and make a little mouse (Neville the Nibbler) for one of my nephews for Christmas.   You can see him up in the left hand corner of the collage above; his pattern is under "Crochet an Outdoor Setting."  

Patterns for all of the dolls and toys pictured here are freely available on this blog.    Along the top are a mouse and turtle, a Free Spirit doll, a Crochet Bleuette, and a Basic Amigurumi Doll.  Next row is a Beagle from " Links to my Animal Patterns," and a Knit Waldorf Style Doll.  Next row is a Prairie Flower Cloth Doll and a Pocket Spirit with a simple bed made from a picture frame and wood turnings.  Along the bottom row is a Free Spirit, Mini Free Spirit, and Labrador puppy (around the Christmas tree), two Teacup Spirits, a Prairie Flower cloth doll, and a littler of Kitties.

You can find all the patterns by scrolling down the left sidebar, looking for the header, or a picture of the type of doll or toy you want to make.  Links to all of the patterns are listed there.

We can all make this Friday a creative Black Friday, and give the gift of handmade love.  It just takes a little time, and a little yarn.

However your day, have a good one!

UPDATE: Saturday 11/24/2012

Meet Neville, Ernie, and Trevor :-)

 My Black Friday Mice!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Delightful Cloth Dolls

Here is an enchanting book by Jill Hamor, filled with wonderful cloth dolls and toys.  I made Virginia about a year ago, testing Jill's pattern, which made up beautifully.  The doll has a baseball-style head, which was very popular back in the 40's and 50's, and gives a lovely shape to the face; she is 16 inches tall.  The instructions are easy to follow, and you can see the results; a perfect companion for any child.  You can find Jill's book at Amazon.

Jill's book has several patterns for both dolls and toys.  She has a simpler doll pattern, that is really dear, and a pattern for marionettes and topsy/turvey dolls.  For toys, there is a perfect Velveteen rabbit, a precious pony, and a sleepy puppy.  Something here for every child in your life (including yourself!).

Jill has a unique way of making hair for her dolls.  I've never tried it, but always loved the result she gets.  You can find Jill on her blog Bybido.  Check it out! 

Here is another great dollmaking book, available through Dover Publications, for a 14 inch storybook doll

I have to admit, I have not made a doll from this book, but the patterns look simple, and there are lots of pictures of the doll construction.  And, several color plates of finished dolls, like this:

 The author includes many accessories for this doll, including the sweet pets you see pictured here.  

So, come Black Friday, turn it into a White Friday and make the child in your life a handmade gift that they will cherish forever.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Simple knit jacket for Little Darling Jennifer

Jennifer has a new wig, thanks to my dear friend Tomi :-)  And she is sporting a new dress and knit jacket.  The pattern for the jacket is here:

Little Darling Knit Jacket

This is the simplest of knit pieces, just rectangles for the body of the jacket and the sleeves.  I used a mid weight sport yarn, so it worked up a bit bulky, like a jacket.  Use a slightly finer yarn and this would look more like a sweater.

Her dress is adapted from a crochet Bleuette design; you can find it here:

Simple Bleuette Dresses

 I added six rows to the bodice (it is worked side to side) for a better fit, and altered the armhole row accordingly.  The bodice is easy, and the dress makes up quickly with the fabric skirt.

Have a lovely day, and maybe consider making something special on Black Friday, and let the shopping mania pass you by this year :-)