Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bernadette and Emelie

Two new girls to join my family of My Crochet Dolls by Isabelle Kessedjian.  Bernadette, on the left, loves mathematics and music.  To her, trigonometry is beautiful in its symmetry, and Baroque music as precise and complex as calculus.  Her plans are to be the commander of the first human-crewed Mars mission!

Emelie, on the right, is quite shy.  Social discourse leaves her breathless and anxious, but she has a magical way with animals.  She calms them as they calm her.  Her dream is to have a small farm and run an animal rescue there.

As unlikely as it seems, these two are best of friends.  Emelie listens with fierce affection to Bernadette's dream of escaping gravity, and Bernadette helps with affectionate care the many strays that Emelie nurses.

Emelie's Nightgown, and Bernadette's Knit School Outfit are both freely available.  Bernadette's book bag is from Isabelle's book My Crochet Doll.

I'm sure we will be hearing more from these friends :-)