Sunday, October 31, 2021

Extraordinary Doll Designers


World of Dolls Pattern Bundle D by OchePots on Etsy

I hope noboday faints when they see this post abouts dolls!  With Christmas on our doorstep, I want to share with you several dollmakers and their patterns.  All are made with simple stitches...the details make the difference.  And all the dolls could be Art Dolls, or your child's favorite Holiday gift.

Let's start with the dollmaker that I am currently in love with:  OchePots on Etsy  Her dolls, like the World of Dolls above, are unique in construction with very little sewing.  The above peg dolls are free standing!

The doll below,  Amity, is dressable and you can purchase an extensive wardrobe for her:

Amity, another delightful doll pattern by OchePots on Etsy

If you like mini, then Olka Novytska of Aradiyatoys, is a great choice.  Her patterns are available on both her Etsy shop, Aradiyatoys and on Ravelry.  Below are a couple of her designs I've complete:

Shepardess and her sheep, from the book Mini Kingdom, by Olka Novytska

Nativity set one, by Olka Novytska.  Available on Ravelry

Sandy Nordwall Eggers' patterns are the ones I have made the most dolls from.  Her patterns are available on Ravelry, are very well written, and are a great value.  Making her dolls helped to keep me sane during the worst part of the pandemic.  This is just a sample of all the dolls made from her patterns:

The many, many faces of Sandy Nordwall Eggers' doll designs.

Cute and quick dolls can be found with the designer of Sleepy Sheep Patterns, available on Etsy.  If you want a slender doll that isn't wired, these patterns are for you:

Dolls made and adapted from Harmony the Elf, by SleepySheepPatterns.

For the more fantasy minded,  Fantasy Sprites on both Etsy and Ravelry has some of the most amazing creations.  These dolls are for the most part wired, but it was the easiest wire armature I've ever done.  They are worked in cotton; I used size three Curio from KnitPicks:

Fantasy Sprites, by Lianne Peterson on Etsy.

Two more designers of beautiful dolls are Carla Vigliucci on Ravelry, and Lulu Compotine, on Etsy.

Carla Vigliucci's dolls all come with such sweet wardrobes.

And so do Lulu Compotine's!

The last designer I will mention is Jessica Doerring, of Neogurumi on Ravelry.  Her patterns were some of the first that I made that were crocheted all as one piece, with the arms crocheted into the body.  I hate sewing pieces together!  So, it was love at first site with her Eva doll.  Many of Jessica's patterns are free, and the others are all a great value.  Another pattern that I have made many dolls from:

Many Eva's!

So now is the time to grab your hook, some yarn (wool, cotton, acylic...they all work for dolls), and make something special. 

Enjoy the crochet!

Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Faith can take you unaware

As you stare into the darkness

Of despair within your heart.

Faith can take you unaware.

And Hope, her child, follows close

To heal the broken and the lost

Upon the shores of life and death.

What is the cost of Hope?

Love is the cost of Faith and Hope;

The beacon that chases away the dark;

The sinews that bind the broken heart;

The foundation stone of Faith and Hope.