Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Pocket Pixie WIPS

Shelly's Pocket Pixie pattern is such a delightful doll form, and a wonderful pattern to embelish.  Here are three new WIPs (work in progress) that I've been playing with.

Felt applique hearts and cheek color for Amanda.  Her hair is Reynolds Lopi, a bulky weight single ply wool yarn.

Embroidered flowers and wool boucle yarn for Black Eyed Suzanne (of course!)

More embroidered flowers, and a very fuzzy mohair yarn with slubs of blue and yellow for Petunia. 

 Felt is such a wonderful dollmaking medium, and these little dolls are a delightful canvas.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Caution! Cute Attack!

A quick post to share with you a couple of really fun books.  "The Cute Book" and "The Cuter Book" are full of tiny, easy, delightful felt cuties :-)  I made three in a snap; each one probably took two hours from cutting out to finishing.   These would be great projects for children, all the sewing is done by hand.  The kitty on the left I turned into a pin to wear (just sewed a safety pin to the back).  Teddy and Bunny are toys for the Pocket Pixies.

You can see Finch snuggled up in bed with Bunny and Bear ( and a sleepy kitty!).

I own "The Cute Book," and borrowed "The Cuter Book" from the library.  If I were buying just one, I'd pick "The Cuter Book," because, well, it was just cuter :-)

 A peak into the Cardboard Cottage.  Little by little more things are being added to improve the cozy-ness for its occupants.

A pretty portrait on the wall, and a wool rug for the floor.  I used simple applique shapes from the book "101 Appliqué Blocks" for the rug.

Well, not such a short post after all.  More felt goodness to follow!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pocket Pixie Clothing Patterns

With Shelly of Gingermelon Dolls kind permission, here are some simple outfit patterns for her delightful Pocket Pixie doll.  These outfits have already shown up on the blog, but not the patterns.  Please use Wool felt for the outfits, just as you use it for the doll.  Click on the links below for the pattern downloads.

Pocket Pixie Kimono

Pocket Pixie Overalls, Shirt, etc

From these simple patterns, a lot of other patterns can be derived.  Lengthen the tee shirt pattern, and gently flare the sides and you have a nightgown.  You could crochet the skirt onto the dress bodice, instead of using fabric.  The tee shirt can also be used as a dress bodice, or made slightly bigger and turned into a sweater or a coat.

Embroider your outfits before stitching up the seams, add crochet or purchased lace, beads, felt appliqués...embellish to your hearts content :-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cross Stitch Pixies

Like a lot of you, I enjoy cross stitch along with many other types of handwork.  I found Shelly's Pocket Pixies to be great inspiration in designing some very simple and fun cross stitch pictures.   Here is Nettie, as a doll and as a cross stitch banner.  The Nettie Chart and the Nettie color key can be found by clicking on the links.  The chart looks like this:

Here is Robin, also as a doll and a banner.  These little designs could be framed, backed with fabric, made into a tiny quilt, stitched on vinyl and used as a mug insert, or a trivet, or just about anything simple little thing you can think of.

Click the links for the Robin Chart and Robin color key.

 Actually, I started out by wanting to make a tiny cross stitch portrait of Wren to put in her dollhouse living room.  Here she is, with the edges finished in crochet and mounted on a circle of stiff cardboard.  This could be turned into a cute little pin, and you could substitute your own name for Wren's.

Click the links for Wren Chart and Wren color key.

These little designs were created with a program called Pattern Maker, by HobbyWare.  I've had the software since 2002; it was purchased after I broke my leg and is probably responsible for me not going totally crazy while my leg was in a cast up to my hip for 10 weeks.  It is easy to use, and I've had a lot of fun with it.

Hope you enjoy these little designs.  Don't be surprised if more show up here :-)