Friday, March 9, 2018

Kitties for Hittys...and other tiny dolls

We love cats!  And so does Hitty Twig.  If you knit, Rabbit Hole Knits on Ravelry has two freely available and delightful knit kitties; one of which you see here in grey on the right.  This is the Tiny Window Cat.  There is also a Tiny Parlor Cat.

I do knit, but it is not my strong suit, so I used the inspiration of the Rabbit Hole Knit kitties and created two crochet kitties.  The ones you see in Twig's lap, and the one of the left.

Crochet Kitty for Hitty

So now, you can have a tiny cat for your tiny doll, whether you knit or crochet.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

A great week!

Last week was a great week!

First, I cleaned up my workroom...the last time was in 2014.  Really, my Mom did raise me to do better than this!

After everything was nice and clean, I made these simple, inexpensive, fun little curio shelves from cardboard boxes.  The perfect place for my little bead and dowel dolls to live :-)

And the girls got some new dresses!  These are based on clothespin angel patterns published several years ago by Leisure Arts

And these are made from size 10 crochet cotton.  The dress is a length of lace from a Leisure Arts pattern; the pattern for the rompers and the cardigan sweater is here:

Twiggie Rompers and Sweater

And finally, more friends in the making, including a Hitty!  Meet Hitty Twig :-)

And patterns for her undies in size 10 crochet cotton:

So listen to your Mother!  Extraordinary things happen, when you clean your work room :-)