Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Seasons of Joy

The Christmas holiday, Holy Day, season has begun. For many of us who make our gifts, it probably began several weeks ago :-) It has been several years since I actually pounded the pavement shopping for gifts. Between the internet (let your fingers do the walking) and crocheting (more of the same) I've avoided most of this mayhem.

I say mayhem, and so it seems to me as people wait in line for hours for Target or Toys R Us or WalMart to open their doors so the latest 'must have' toy can be grabbed. This seems so strange to me, since most folks, and children, probably have trouble remembering what they received for Christmas last year. What are the things that stick in your mind?

The things I remember are the year my siblings and I decided to make our parents Christmas stockings; or the year we all pooled our resources and got our Dad a class ring from his college Alma Mater. One year Larry and I each recieved a collage of our favorite things, made for us by two young friends. We both still have ours...mine is on the refrigerator door.

I hope all of you can make lasting memories for yourself and your families this Holy Day season. It is a time to rejoice in family, life, light in the darkeness, and the birth of a special child. Celebrate, and find the joy.

And enjoy the crochet!


  1. Lovely sentiment, lovely picture!! Enjoy!!

  2. Hi Beth, I am delighted that I have just found your blog. What a very generous lady you are giving all these wonderful free patterns. I can't wait to begin my doll today. Thank you so much for doing this.
    Rosie x

  3. Hi Beth, your photo is so lovely! i too make alot of my Christmas presents, my daughter still has a bunny that i made for her when she was 2 and she's now 13. i think you remember the present more and it seems so much more special when it's made with love. thanks for sharing your sweet photo and sentiments. ~Anne~