Sunday, December 19, 2010

Comfort and Joy; The Spirits of Christmas

May glad tidings of Comfort and Joy be yours this Christmas season,
And may the Spirit of Christmas remain in your heart all the year long!

Comfort (on the left) and Joy are all dressed up in their Holiday dresses, and ready for Santa to fill their stockings :-)

Their dresses have 'mock' smocking on the bodice, a crochet technique that uses Front Post Triple Crochet stitches to create a smocked look.  I love the look of smocking, and wanted to try to replicate it in crochet.  The post stitches can be a little fiddly if you've never tried them, so you might want to practice the stitch pattern with a larger yarn to get the hang of it.  The pattern for the dress is here:

Mock Smocking Dress Pattern

The stocking hat is crocheted in sportweight yarn (I used Lustersheen), and pattern is here:

Pocket Spirit Christmas Hat

The Pocket Stockings are also crocheted in sportweight yarn.  They would make fun Christmas ornaments for a small tree, or the perfect stocking for your little dolls:

Pocket Stockings

Merry Christmas, my friends!  Have a happy Holy Day season, and a blessed New Year :-)


  1. first at all I will wish you happy christmas and happy new year.( sorry have problem write eng)

    a big big thanks for this christmas present from you

    is it the most cute christmas I have see.
    thanks alot for this present.

    a happy 3th advent from sweden

  2. Oh, how darling! I just love your little dolls.

    I'm happy to be in a US port where I can log on for a couple of hours to get in to see your and other blogs.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  3. Once again you have done a wonderful job on your Spirit dolls I just totaly adore them. Another project for my to do list.

  4. Those are so sweet! Merry Christmas!

  5. Lovely little christmas dolls ! I love them !!

  6. what sweet little Christmas girls....i love the hats! Happy Holidays to you and your family! ~Anne~

  7. I have recently found this blog and I am so pleased I have! Your dolls are all absolutely adorable. I haven't tried making any yet but I plan to in the new year. Thank you very much for sharing your adorable patterns.
    Wishing you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year.


  8. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful patterns with us throughout the year. Your dolls are so lovely and I am always excited to see you've posted something new.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  9. Beth... Merry Christmas. These little Christmas dolls are adorable.

  10. Have a wonderful Christmas, Beth!

  11. Thank-you all so much for your great words and enthusiasm all through the year! Merry Christmas, again and again :-)


  12. I was browsing on the internet having my coffee and i came across your site, I right away became a follower, I love your dolls! I have a request, Every year i make 100 toys for the K.Mart Wishing Tree and i would love to have permission to make 10 Prairie Flower Dolls for 2011. Making toys for underprivileged kids is my passion, do check out my blog. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  13. Hi Sue,

    Thank-you so much for the good words; I'm glad you like it here :-)

    I'd be delighted if you used the Prairie Flower pattern for the K-Mart Wishing Tree! If you put tags on them, you might just say the design is by me, and created by you. What a great way to use the pattern :-)


  14. First, i will thank You so much for your free patttern, to make thise lovely little dolls, kitten and puppets in chrochet.I "found" the pattern, looking for Chrochet Cupcakes, and forgot all about cupcakes. i made a little doll, and a little bigger sister,some puppets and vorking on a kitten. I have some trouble vit yarn and needle size, :-D But they are lovely.

    Thise are so lovely, and adorebel, i think i will make Christmas dersses for mine too. :-O

    Thank you , hav a Merry Christmas

    Love from

    Anne-Marie in Denmark

    Sorry abouth the english

  15. Anne-Marie, you English is much better than my Danish! I'm so glad you've enjoyed making the dolls and critters :-)

    Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!


  16. Love the darling Christmas dresses w/stockings and Santa hats! Thank you so very much for sharing the patterns. They are a wonderful Christmas gift from you, and I wish I could reciprocate. Thank you very much for your continued generosity. Have a very merry Christmas, and a joyous New Year.


  17. I would like to know if there is any place to buy an already made doll? I can't crochet, but would love to have one of these Mini Spirit's with bright blue hair ! with a wonderful assortment of clothes available for them in the darling patterns ! If there is someone who can/would do this for me, please contact me @
    thanks so much Lorinda

  18. Darling with exquisite detail.

  19. Nancy and Barb, thank-you so much for your good words, and a very Merry Christmas to you :-)

    Lorinda, these dolls are really very easy to make; for the doll all you need to know is the single crochet stitch, and for the dresses the little bodice with the fabric skirt is also pretty simple. It might be fun to learn to crochet and make one of these sweeties for yourself! It is a very rewarding pasttime.


  20. These Christmas dolls are so cute! I have to make a few of the pocket spirits! :D
    Merry Christmas Beth!!

  21. Dear Beth

    Merry Christmas. I love your blog and your wonderful patterns. May God multiply back to you tremendous blessing for the wonderful gifts you give to us year round.


  22. Here's wishing you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and an incredibly happy and creative NEW Year!

    Thank you so much for sharing so much with us. For providing us with inspiration and giving us so much wonder at your talents!

    All the very best,

  23. How precious, Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents.
    I hope you and your family continue good fortune and health.
    May all things Christmas be yours this season.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Beth.
    God Bless you,

  24. Eva, Rhonda, Dawn, and Connie, thank-you so much for your good words. I hope your Christmas was a Merry one :-)