Friday, March 8, 2013

Tiny Trousseau

From a basic underwear pattern, you can make just about any outfit you like for your little Forget-Me-Knot or Nancy Ann doll.   Krystal, in the middle, is modeling the undies which are a simple camisole and panties. 

Nancy Ann on the left is wearing a pretty lavender dress based on the camisole, with a very full skirt and puff sleeves.  Cherry, on the right, is wearing deep red rompers with gold trim, a melding of the camisole and panties pattern.

All of the outfits are crocheted with size 8 perle thread and a size 9 steel hook.  All of them button up the back.

Basic Forget-Me-Knot underwear

Enjoy the crochet!


  1. Hello Beth!
    I love this new doll pattern. The buttons on the feet are ingenius! You are very clever
    Becca from CA

  2. I do love all these outfits, especially the little flowers on Nancy Ann's dress.

  3. Beth, We have so much in common! I love all of your dolls! I love Nancy Ann dolls too. My daughter and I have a small collection of them. We keep finding them in the neatest places. They are usually inexpensive, and they all have their own personalities.

    Your little Forget Me Knot dolls are really sweet, and I will attempt to make one. I am currently working on a crocheted bride doll for my daughter's good friend who is getting married this summer. But after that....

    Keep up the good work. Again, I really love your dolls!

    - Momma Cat