Monday, June 10, 2013

Forget-Me-Knot goodness

Art imitates art!  The Forget-Me-Knot kids are also great subject matter for some simple embroidery.  Here, Emma and Elizabeth (the latest Forget-Me-Knot) become the inspiration for a bit of needlework.  Stem Stitch, French knots, lazy daisyies, and a bit of colored pencil.

Elizabeth is wearing a very simple knit dress and undies, for which the pattern is here:

Simple Knit Sundress

She put on a sweater this morning to see how the Fairy garden was growing...

As you can see, it is growing very well indeed :-)


  1. Your doll, garden and matching embroideries are precious. Will you be providing your embroidery patterns, too? I will try to make one of these dolls. You are so creative!! :)

  2. These remind me of pillow cases my mom used to embroider. Your fairy garden appears to be growing quite well. Elizabeth looks adorable in her sweater and sundress combination.

  3. Such sweet scenes with the Forget-Me-Knot Kids! :) Thanks for sharing another pattern. The fairy garden is so lovely. :)

  4. Beth, This Forget-Me-Knot doll is so adorable love her outfits, will definately be making one!

  5. Very cute!! Lovely embroidery and lovely crochet :)

  6. Oh my! I so love the little lady with braids - both the doll and the embroidery. All my attempts to teach myself to crochet have failed - not sure why I struggle with this as I've been knitting, sewing and embroidering since I was 4 years old - so I may never get to make a Forget-me-knot kid doll ... but I can always enjoy yours in photo form.

  7. Thank you all for your good words!! If I can figure out how to scan the embroidery patterns to the right size, I'll try to get them on the blog as well. You might also try making your own embroidery pattern...just some simple line art and simple stitches. It is easy and fun, and you can say you made it yourself :-)

  8. I'd love to make my Mum a Forget-me-knot kid embroidered birthday card for her 91st, if you would allow it.

    1. Hi Jenni,

      Yes, that would be just fine. The easiest way for you to do this, I think, would be to go to my Ipernity site and copy the embroidery from there. The resolution would be better than trying to do it from the picture here on the blog.

      Happy Birthday to your Mum!