Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wig Making

Wig Making!

One of the things that seems to daunt a lot of dollmakers is making the hair. This is one of my favorite parts of making dolls. The personality seems to lite up with the hairstyle: demur, vivacious, thoughtful, sassy, whatever. I use a crochet wig cap for all the doll hair that I do, and it yeilds a great head of hair, without worrying about the scalp showing through. I have a tutorial I can share for doing this; although the model in the tutorial is a Waldorf doll, I use this very same technique for all my dolls.

The tutorial is here:


And some examples of doll hair are:


  1. Beth - thanks so very much for this tutorial! I had not picked up a crochet hook in over 35 years, yet with your excellent instuctions and clear visual, I've had no problem crocheting 4 wigcaps. I wouldn't have even tried them had it not been for your tutorial. Thanks!


  2. I love all your dolls. I can't just imagine your dolls without hair, they would look a little scary. Thank you for your tutorial on how to make hair for dolls. I just read an article about handmade stuff amng which how to make a doll out of patterned or colorful socks at academic essays and dissertation writing service, but the author mentions nothing about hair, so I believe my doll would look more beautiful with the hair.

    1. I love making wigs! And it is easy, really, if you know just the simple single crochet stitch. All dolls deserve good hair :-)