Friday, September 25, 2009

Edwardian Nightgowns

Well, the Edwardian Free Spirit's trousseau is almost complete. The girls now have their choice of nightgowns. The nightgown on the left is done with a love knot stitch. Once you get the hang of it, it isn't difficult, but it can be a bit tough to visualize. If you want to try this stitch, I recommend heading to Crochet Pattern Central to their stitch dictionary and take a look at the stitch there. Their site is listed in 'Links I Love.'

The nightgown on the right is done with a chain and picot stitch. Easy stitches, and gives a nice, lacy effect. Both of these nightgowns were stitched with Aunt Lydia's Bamboo Crochet Thread. It was the first time I had used this thread, and it is lovely. It has a matte finish and a wonderful drape.

The patterns for the nightgowns can be found here:

Or on the left hand side of the blog page under Free Spirit Patterns.

Now we can snuggle in to bed in our cozy nightgowns :-) Enjoy the stitching!


  1. OK, so you got your own three ring binder today. I'm wondering what makes her trousseau complete? And I bought new yarn today for another doll. Sigh...

  2. Well, I think every girl needs a nice nightgown, and underwear, and several dresses, plus shoes and socks. Of course, there are all kinds of dresses to make :-)

    Enjoy the crochet, Kate!


  3. Beth, Thank you for sharing these awesome patterns! If we have questions (troubleshooting) Do we ask you here?

    1. Yes, if you have questions just post here...I check comments every couple of days.

      Thank you for your good words :-)