Thursday, October 1, 2009

How Many?

Well, I was curious how many different outfits I could make from one basic Edwardian dress pattern. As of today, my count stands at five (the latest is the cranberry red dress on the right, and on Emily below). Not to mention several pair of bloomers, three collars, and two nightgowns. These outfits have been a lot of fun to dream up, and to share with you.

Now I want to try something different with Free Spirit. For some reason I got the idea of Steam Punk in my head, so I'm going to give this a try. With Steam Punk, think over-the-top Victorians achieving our level of technology with...steam engines!

Sherlock Holmes, Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells would have all been comfortable in this reality :-)

I've enjoyed the Edwardians, and hope you have too.


Silver hook in hand;
A web of lace takes shape
Beneath flashing fingers.


  1. Good for you! Steam punk sounds very interesting, I also liked the Edwardian patterns you designed.

  2. Where is the pattern you used for the tanktop/camisole?

  3. Scroll down the left sidebar to "Links to Free Spirit Patterns on this blog", and it is the "Basic Side to Side bodice" pattern.


  4. Hi Beth

    I have been looking for the red dress pattern? Is there a pattern for it?

    1. Hi Jannett,

      The red dress is a variation of the Edwardian Dress Pattern. I was just trying to see how many different ways I could modify the same pattern. So, there really isn't a separate pattern for the red dress.