Monday, May 10, 2010

Bleuette fashions for Prairie Flowers

I'm not a very good pattern drafter when it comes to sewing doll clothing, so I asked Janie Hile at for permission to adapt some of the wonderful original Bleuette patterns for the Prairie Flowers, and she kindly said yes.

The adapted patterns for the apron and jacket above are here:

The jacket pattern is from 1913, and the apron pattern from 1909.

Here are the two basic A-line dresses:

Both of these patterns are from 1912. I've made them simpler than the original, with little embellishment. But that is the neat thing about a simple pattern, some lace and ric-rac, or contrasting fabric panels can change the look entirely.

I also dearly love dainty underwear for dolls, so here are a couple of patterns called 'combinations,' which are just what the name implies - a combination of chemise and pantaloon. The one on the left is a 1918 pattern; the one on the right is from 1916.

Made up in lightweight batiste, with perhaps a touch of embroidery, and they are lovely underwear. In a cotton calico, they could be rompers or overalls.

And lastly, some simple underwear; panties that can be worn under the dresses, and a dainty camisole.

Thank-you, Janie, for providing such a wonderful, and historic, pattern site, and for letting me use the patterns for the Prairie Flower dolls. Some styles are simply timeless, just like the love of dolls :-)


  1. Beth,
    You certainly have been busy! Everything looks great. I love the little jacket, and the underthings are so dainty.

  2. Thank-you Lisa :-) The jacket turned out so cute, and it is so easy, especially in felt.


  3. Dear Beth, I just found your site via a comment you made on Bybido. Doesn't she make beautiful dolls? So do you! You say that you would have been an astronaut, but for heights. I would have been a doll-maker but for not knowing how to sew. I am enraptured here. I could look and look and look at your blog. It's wonderful. I have been teaching myself to crochet and recently acquired a Custom House BJD. I wish that I could benefit from all the lovely information and patterns you have shared; but when I click on them, my computer gives up trying to connect. Do other people have this problem. It may be because I live overseas and have an ornery computer. Anyway, I have added your lovely blog to my sidebar. Hope you have a great day.


  4. Hi Stepheny,

    Oh yes, I love Bybido's dolls :-)

    You are the second person who has said they could not connect to the patterns (the other person is in Mexico, I think). If there are particular patterns you would like to have, let me have your email address and I will send them to you as attachments. You can reach me at: dollmaker46203 [at]

    Thank-you for your kind words, and have a great day :-)

  5. Thanks so much. I will be contacting you. :) Have a lovely day!

  6. Hi Beth,
    You have done it again with these dolls. They are just so beautiful. Your attention to detail is amazing, as always, and every one of your dolls seems to have its own unique personality. You are truly gifted and your love of dolls shows in all of your creations.
    I finished my first mini free spirit inspired doll complete with one of your dress patterns.
    I'll be posting her to the Free Spirit Ami Doll Flickr photostream but thought you might want to check her out here too:
    Thank you once again for so freely sharing your amazing creativity with all of us.

  7. Hi Sonya!

    Your doll is a true delight! I love her; and thank-you so much for your kind words :-)

    Take care,


  8. My mom has been making cloth dolls for orphan little girls and I suggested your Prairie Flower Doll to be added to her own patterns which she has already designed and sewn. Wish you well in your work.

  9. Dolls for children is what dolls are all about. Bravo for your Mother :-)


  10. I've just discovered your site and feel that it is one of the best small doll sites that I have seen. I have a Bleuette and want to make other small dolls for fun. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thank you for your kind words, Carolyn :-)