Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pansies, pinks, and peonies

I strolled around the house yesterday with my camera, and took some pictures of what is blooming. 13 peony bushes, a shrub rose on steroids, and several volunteer pinks from last year, to name a few.

Peonies are wonderful; plant them (not too deep) and they take care of themselves and bloom for years and years.

Pansies always have such cheerful faces, and the yellow ones I got this year are particularly sunny :-)

Flowers always amaze me. Why a device to lure pollinators should be so wondrously beautiful to us seems to me a signature of God.

"...if eyes were made for seeing, then Beauty is its own excuse for being..." Ralph Waldo Emerson.


  1. Beth,
    Such beautiful pictures. I'm kind of partial to the iris. :) Things are not blooming quite so much here in Michigan yet, but any day now.

  2. I love Iris too; poor man's orchids :-)

    I imagine spring comes a little later to Michigan than it does here in Indiana. It can never come too soon for me!


  3. Flowers in your garden is very beautiful!. I just started to plant flowers in my house. The house is new, we do not live there yet. Let's see what grows;)
    A Pansies is now required to put you!
    So far I have only blooms Petunia:) And soon blossom Lavender ...:))
    I live in the south of Russia and we have a very good climate and soil for growing plants), and in general everything :))))

  4. What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What gorgeous flowers. We have many of the same, blooming at different times. I'm not home right now, but my daughter has been sending us pictures so we now what is blooming in our garden. When I get home next month the view will be different. Daughters are wonderful, aren't they!

    I can never see enough flowers. :)


  6. Thank-you all so much :-) Like all of you I can never get enough of flowers either. We have some lavender as smells so heavenly, but I have a hard time getting it to survive over the winter.

    It sounds like the southern Russia climate is very much like it is here in Indiana.

    Happy spring!


  7. Hi Beth,
    Your flowers are gorgeous! I've got to get some pics of my yard...all of my lilacs and and the apple trees are in full bloom. I love this time of year, don't you?
    I made your cute beagle puppy a few months ago and I put it up on Ravelry because so many people were asking me about's the link if you're interested:
    It links the pattern back to your blog.
    I gave the one I made to my nephew, but I have to make another one as my dog was devastated when I gave it away, lol.
    I crocheted a monkey last week, without a pattern, and I wish I would have written it down as I went because it turned out nicely. I'm going to try it again; do you have any tips for writing down your own patterns?
    Thanks so much!
    Take care,

  8. Hi Kathy,

    Yes, this has to be my favorite time of year, especially after a long and cold winter :-) Our lilacs are spent, but the peonies are bursting. And is there anything lovelier than an apple tree in bloom?!

    Thank-you for the good words, and I'm so glad you enjoyed making the little beagle (probably my favorite pup!). What I do when I go to make up a pattern is to keep a steno notebook by my side, and write down, in a sort of shorthand, the number of stitches in each row as I'm making something. Since most of the toys I make are done in single crochet, its really pretty easy to keep track of the stitches and rows.

    I add more words when this 'shorthand' gets turned into a pattern, but that is how I do it. Your monkey sounds like fun!

    Have a great day!


  9. Your flowers are beautiful. Who is the gardener? You or your husband? While we have a lot of greenery, citrus trees, shrubs, grape vines and trees, we contrate most of our efforts on vegetables. I am always getting veggies year around which I love. However, when I walk out into the yard I would love to see the beautiful array of flowers shown in your pictures. While veggies feed the body, flowers feed the soul.

  10. Thank-you, Yvonne. I am the gardener, but that is probably too grand a name for what I do in the garden :-) This time of year, not much! It has been so hot and humid this year that I mostly crochet inside. I have a lot of black-eyed Susan's and coneflowers; thankfully they don't need much help from me.

    Homegrown veggies are the best!