Wednesday, February 2, 2011

After the Storm

Off our back porch

I've never seen ice this thick; it has coated every surface outside to about two inches.  The car is entombed in ice.

But we were lucky!  The storm that has swept from Texas to Main rained down mostly sleet on us yesterday afternoon and evening.  It has stuck to the ground, but not to the power lines.  So we are warm, and connected :-)

Can you see the Cardinal among the sparrows?

Eventually, we'll need to go and chip our way out of the ice, but right now I'm just grateful to be snug and warm.

Go safely out there...It's slick!


  1. We are starting to run out of room to put the snow. My husband has been shoveling a path for the dogs out back and the banks are starting to look like a bunker.

  2. It's a terrible thing, but so beautiful at the same time, especially with the sun out. My bird feeders have been popular the last couple of days also. :)

  3. Looks nice to someone like us who have never had snow (I live in Malta) but I guess it can be dangerous and slippery. Keep safe. I love your blog!

  4. WOW did you get the ice!!! Sometimes the sleet, felt like ice cubes falling from the heavens. The wind just made it seem that much worst.
    I hope this finds you able to at least venture to the bird feedeer to fill it.
    Stay safe and warm.
    'til next time,

  5. Lisa, Loredana, and Connie,

    It is indeed both beautiful and terrible. Last night looking outside, streetlights gleamed against an icebound landscape. This morning, three inches of snow now sit on top of the ice. So treacherous, cold, and beautiful.

    I'm getting as far as the birdfeeder, but no farther :-)