Friday, June 3, 2011

Salley Mavor's enchanting art

My copy of 'Pocket Full of Posies' by Salley Mavor, recently arrived, which prompts this post.  Salley is an extraordinary fiber artist; she creates wonderful worlds with felt, yarn, found items, items from Nature, and all of it pure magic.

I am fortunate to have four of her books: 'In the Heart,' 'The Hollyhock Wall,' 'Felt Wee Folk,' and now 'Pocket Full of Posies.'  The summer that 'Felt Wee Folk' came out I made dozens and dozens of her delightful flower fairies.

Two of the many flower fairies I've made from Salley Mavor's book 'Felt Wee Folk'

Prized possessions of mine are three of Salley's original flower fairies:  Downey, Marina, and Opal.

Salley's latest book, 'Pocket Full of Posies,' is a nursery rhyme book illustrated, as all of her books are, with her fiber art illustrations.  The rich felt, the perfectly executed embroidery, the texture and design will take your breath away, and offers so much inspiration for all of us that like to play with needle and thread.

 Embroidery from 'Pocket Full of Posies' inspires Amanda's dress and pinafore; not quite finished :-)

Salley has a blog where she shares her latest projects, and happy glimpses of the artists life.   Pay her a visit and enjoy her enchanting view of the world.


  1. I LOVE this artist as well and have the wee folk book. She is amazing. So is your Amanda doll and her clothing.

  2. Thank you for the good words, Miss Julep and River :-)


  3. Ooooh! Thanks for sharing! The books look amazing!