Monday, July 25, 2011

Guest Crochet Dollmaker - Joyce Yearsley

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Joyce Yearsley, also known as Dutzie on Flickr.  She is a wonderful crochet dollmaker, and Melanie, above, is the latest example of her lovely work and crochet innovation.   Check out her photostream and see what I mean; a creative whirlwind of crochet dolls :-)

Melanie has the most delightfully curly hair, made from crochet roses attached to a wig cap!  Simple as that, and yet so cute.  Joyce has shared a tutorial for making this wig cap on her Flicker site, and has also graciously allowed me to share it with you on my blog.  Click the link, curly wig cap, or find it on the left hand sidbar under Tutorials by Joyce.

This delightful doll also has another cool innovation...ball jointed arms and legs!  This is a technique you can apply to almost any crochet doll you are making; Joyce shows you how in her tutorial Ball Jointed Arms and Legs, also shared here.

I am truly fortunate to know such a gifted and generous dollmaker.  Thank you, Joyce, for sharing your talents with us!

My latest Teacupsie Spirit used Joyce's curly wig cap tutorial to make her cute wig.  Crocheted from size 10 crochet cotton, I just made the unrolled roses a little longer for sausage curls.  What a great idea :-)

Enjoy the crochet!


  1. Beth, your Teacupsie is just way to cutesie.


  2. Beth,

    What can I say about your glowing comments, other than that I am truly delighted. I appreciate your kind offer so much. I thank you my dear friend.


  3. How lovely of you to feature Joyce. I love her doll pattern she offered on Flickr and have downloaded the hair tutorial from her too. It is most excellent. As are you!

  4. gorgeous dolls You are all so talented. I now have a new crochet artist to follow on flickr. I really want to learn how to make the curly wig cap.

  5. How very darling! It is so much fun to meet others who enjoy making dolls!

  6. wow i'm so amazed with your creations..i feel like i wanna make one right away..i'm gonna follow you! i'm just a beginner in crocheting...God bless you!!

  7. Hi Beth,
    I have just finished the basic Pocket Spirit Doll and I would be very grateful if you visit my blog and let me know your opinion. You new Teacup Spirit is perfect, as all of them are. Thank you for your work.

  8. Oh, THANK YOU for sharing, Beth! Joyce's tutorials are just what i have been looking for. Love,love, love your Teacupsie spirits! Cordially, Colleen

  9. WOW! I just love all the things you make. The dolls are so beautyful.
    Ellen :)

  10. Beth as always I love your dolls and I admire your work. Joyce does a beautiful job. I've been crocheting off and on now for 16 years and still feel like my dolls don't look as good as yours or Joyce's.

    Again beautiful work for both of you. Thanks for the free patterns and tutorials.

  11. oh' my god very artistic, fabulously made,
    thanks for the patterns and tutorials.

  12. i am lost in fiding and translation...
    I found your blog as i want to make hair like on site

    help me to find tutorial on your blog for hair for my suzette! they sadi that thay find hair style on your blog!
    "d’après le modèle "Suzette" de Gourmet Crochet, avec une coiffure de chez By Hook By Hand

  13. If you will scroll down the blog page looking on the left hand side, you will find "Tutorials." Under this heading you will find "Wig Making Tutorial for All Dolls." A little further down is the heading "Tutorials by Joyce," there are two more wig making tutorials there. I hope this helps.