Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The child in the park

She was probably seven or eight, and walking with her Dad.  Well, she was skipping, and hopping, and jumping, and twirling...scuffing her feet along the walk and stopping to inspect the dandelions.  Children don't just walk, and I wonder when we lost the habit of their joyous form of locomotion.

She had skin the color of cafe au lait, and was wearing a striped tee shirt and cargo pants, with a newsboy hat pulled on over dark brown hair caught up in long braids.  She made quite an impression on me as I rode by her & Dad on my bicycle.

So here is Daisy, my tribute to this lovely, unknown child in the park.  I used the Yun Shu pattern, freely available on Ravelry.  I used Patons Astra in Medium Tan for her skin, and Knit Picks Palette in Grizzly along with a laceweight mohair in dark brown, held together, for her hair.   Her outfit is crocheted with size 3 crochet cotton.

And we did go to the park!  One of our State Parks, Summit Lake, on the eastern side of the state.

Enjoy the crochet!


  1. Muy bonita. Con una cara muy expresiva y divertida ropa.

  2. That YunShu pattern is fantastic and I am - as always - amazed by how much variety is there in your dolls :)

    1. I agree Ola; this pattern is wonderful, and makes a wonderful canvas for so many different dolls. Thank you for your good words :-)