Friday, March 19, 2010

My BJD Doppleganger

I don't know how many of you have been bitten by the ABJD (Asian Ball Jointed doll) bug, but I have. These dolls are made of resin, and have joints in the ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbow, shoulder, and neck. They are amazingly pose-able, and the joints also make them surprisingly easy to dress.

The lovely BJD above is 16 cm (6.3 inches) tall, which is shorter than the Mini Free Spirit. Since what I really love doing is making dolls, I wanted to make a doll about the same size; at least, the same body dimensions as the BJD (her name is Sidney, by the way). The crochet doll next to Sidney is a Little Mini (her name is Violet); she was crocheted with sportweight yarn (Patons Astra) and a size C crochet hook. She's a little taller than Sidney, but her torso, legs, and arms are closely the same size.

This is Sidney in her lacy Camisole and Pantaloons. They were made from the Mini Free Spirit pattern, but I used a finer thread, (size 20 crochet cotton, instead of size 10), and a smaller hook (size 8 steel hook)

This is Sidney's crochet doppleganger, Violet, wearing the same Camisole and Pantaloons. So, Little Mini can wear clothing made from the Mini Free Spirit pattern using the finer thread and smaller hook. I also love her elf ears :-)

A trousseau of clothing made for Sidney, and shared with Violet.


  1. Oh boy wow you just keep coming up with more ideas ,that's great,with your ideas and mine I'll never get through making all these dolls ,I'm working on an idea that I got from watching the paralympics,just have to dress them now thanks for everything...Diane

  2. When I look at your dolls, I would like to bee child again and play with these.They are adorable

  3. Your bjd crochet clothes are gorgeous!! I would love one ^___^

  4. Thank-you all for your good words. Actually, I don't think you are ever too old to play with dolls, or at least to enjoy them :-)


  5. Very beautiful and original doll! Particularly liked the ears and pigtails! ;)

  6. Thank you so much for all of your amazing patterns! I'm so in love with them I've made 13 dolls and clothes for them since I discovered your blog in September of last year! Thank you again for all these wonderful patterns! Also, what brand is the ball-jointed doll? It's adorable!

  7. Robin and Rosetta, thank-you for your good words :-) I am always delighted to hear that someone is enjoying making the dolls.

    The little BJD is a B&G Mini Honey that I purchased from Denver Doll Emporium ( She is 16cm tall (6.3 inches) and was amazingly easy to dress,with all those joints.


  8. Violet is your cutest doll in my opinion.
    But in the end i don't understand what patter you used to make her. Mini spirit doll + elf ears ( from your fairy )??
    I'd love to crochet her with your help if you let me do it..

    - Violet
    ( yeah my name is the same of your doll ^^ )

  9. Hi Violet!

    You are exactly right: Violet is the mini free spirit with elf ears. So start with the basic mini pattern, then look at the 'mini nature spirits' pattern for the ears.

    I love the name violet; they are my favorite spring flowers. Violet's hair is very dark purple, and her eyes are light purple.

    Enjoy crocheting her :-)


  10. Violet, one other point. I made the crochet Violet smaller than the mini free spirit by using sportweight yarn instead of worsted weight, and a 'C' hook instead of an 'E'.


  11. Thanks a lot Beth, you are really kind, i'm starting to crochet her right now ^^

  12. Maggie PringlemeirApril 15, 2010 at 5:06 PM

    Hi, Beth --
    These are so darn cute! I'd like your permission to post them as a CAL on our HittysKnittys list. We have about 100 members and at least a dozen would prefer using their hooks instead of our sharp pointy sticks.

    Your patterns are just dear and would be perfect for our Hitty to wear -- just need to be a wee bit smaller. I'm thinking size 30 thread and a 7 hook, maybe?

    Momma, may we? Purty please, with all appropriate credits and web information posted along for you?

    Warm hugs and woofs,
    Maggie & MacTaggart

  13. Hi there, Maggie and MacTaggart!

    Thank-you so much for the kind words :-) I'm delighted you think that some Hitty Mom's would like to make these outfits. You certainly have my permission to post a link to this page.

    I think for a doll Hitty size that size 30 cotton would be good, but I would use a smaller hook than a 7...maybe a 9 or 10. The original Mini Free Spirit outfits are for a doll a little over seven inches tall, (and slightly chunkier) than Hitty, and are made with size 10 cotton and a size 7 hook.

    The little BJD in the photo's above is just a little taller, and just a bit chunkier, than Hitty, and the outfits for her were made with size 20 cotton and a size 8 hook. I think they would still be a shade large for Hitty.

    Have fun with the crochet, and thanks again for the good words.


  14. Hi Beth,
    I added some photos of the dolls I made as prizes for a contest during my book signing. I was so happy with the way they turned out; they were a big hit with the customers too. I used wigs instead of crocheting the hair because I just happened to have wigs here, and I was happy with the results. I wanted to make ears for the little boy, but I forgot, lol. Thank you so much for the pattern. I was pulling my hair out, trying to make prizes, and your patterns were a real life saver.
    Kathy Schopp

  15. Kat,

    I saw your wonderful dolls on the Free Spirit photo site; I love the idea of using wigs for their hair! They turned out wonderfully, and I'm so glad it was the pattern you needed :-) What size wig did you use for your doll? I have some wigs around here that I might be able to use.


  16. Hi Beth, and thank you very much for sharing all your amazing patterns and ideas. I´ve made two dolls so far and more are coming I think... Unlike you I don´t like the wig making, maybe just because I´m no good at it -yet! I´m just getting started...

    Thanks again!!

  17. hey I had a quick question... I just bought myself a hujoo ted(shes not here yet :( )... and she is sorrowfully very naked lol. And before I just started whipping out clothes and hoping they fit I was wondering if you knew if they would...

    1. I am not familiar with the Hujoo ted, but I can tell you the measurements of the BJD shown above:

      6 1/2 inches tall
      3 3/8 inch chest and waist
      4 inch hips
      2 1/2 inches from shoulder joint to finger tip
      2 5/8 inches from hip joint to bottom of foot
      5 5/8 inch head circumference.

      Hope this helps!