Friday, November 15, 2013

Jasmyn's Chinese jacket and skirt

I love paper doll books.  They are a wonderful source of inspiration for costume design for any era or culture.  Dover Publications has hundreds of titles for paper dolls, from Ancient Egypt to Steampunk to Contemporary Thrift Store :-)

For Jasmyn's Asian inspired outfit, I used the paper doll book shown above to find a style we both liked.  The jacket is simple to knit, with a very little bit of crochet for the collar and trim.  The skirt is also very simple.  Here is the pattern:

Travel Doll Chinese Jacket and Skirt

This outfit is for Fiona McDonald's free Travel Doll pattern.   The doll is tremendous fun; come join us!


  1. This is wonderful Beth! What a great idea to use Paper Doll books for inspiration and wow what inspiration they provided!

  2. What can I say that is so, cute just love the Asian outfit you are so talented and thank you for sharing you wonderful patterns you really inspire us to try these sweet patterns.

  3. How very precious. You are so talented and do such a beautiful job. I never tire of seeing what you make.

  4. Oh my friend, I'm running out of descriptive adjectives to praise your work. Jasmyn and friends will certainly make whomever you are making these dolls for extremely happy. They are making mr very happy indeed.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. You did a marvelous job translating this outfit into knit!

  6. I think that outfit is one of the lovliest things you have made! I love your source of inspiration too. You are so clever making that outfit from a drawing.

  7. Thank you ALL so much for your good words, Lorraine, Typs, Lois, Joyce, Dawn, and Lizzie! You guys just make my day :-)