Friday, March 21, 2014

Nutmeg Dressed

Nutmeg is now cozily dressed in a raglan sweater and sweet jumper, both adapted from patterns from the Arne & Carlos book "Knitted Dolls."  Instructions on how to adapt the patterns to Fiona's Babes' Little Sister doll are on the left sidebar, under the picture of Babes Little Sister :-)

The sweater is knit in pale blush Berrocco Vintage yarn, and the jumper in Patons Classic Wool black and Berrocco Vintage magenta.  The colors are the same as her striped socks.

This was the first time I had attempted stranded colorwork, and now I'm hooked!  Gathering many books from the library for patterns and inspiration, among them:

Alice Starmore's "Charts for Color Knitting," and "Book of Fair Isle Knitting."
Arne & Carlos "55 Christmas Balls to Knit"
"Teach Yourself Visually Color Knitting."

The last book was not as helpful as I had hoped, but I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the Alice Starmore books!


  1. Un conjunto precioso y de bonitos colores

  2. This is so awesome, Beth. Nutmeg is amazing from head to toe.

    When looking for designs for color work knitting, don't count out cross stitch borders or filet crochet charts. I'll post some charts for you that I gathered over the years on Ipernity.

    1. Thank you so much, Joyce; she was a real delight to create.

      I was thinking cross stitch patterns would be good for colorwork knitting. I have a program to create cross stitch designs, called PatternWorks, that could easily be used for charted knitting.

      Great minds, and all that, my friend :-)


  3. Beth She is just adorable well done!

  4. I have a cross stitch program too called PC Stitch. Haven't used it much lately. Good idea to design your own charts. I see bunnys and eggs for an Easter dress.

  5. She is absolutely adorable, Beth. Then again, I love all your work

  6. Hi Beth,
    Sure wish I had the patience to work in knit. Awesome work as always. Love her clothes.
    til next time,

  7. I just love your little Nutmeg Beth