Sunday, February 7, 2021

Dollmaking away the New Year


What have YOU been doing since the start of the year?  I've been obsessed creating dolls from Sandy Nordwall Eggers' Puddin pattern.  The doll pattern is freely available on Ravelry, and the clothing for this doll is either free or very inexpensive.

The doll is easy to crochet.  And also easy to make minor modifications to.  As you can see, some of these dolls have longer arms and legs...just add rows.  I made several to look like Raggedy Ann and some of her friends...use buttons for eyes (the best size I found was a 3/8 inche button for the iris and a 1/2 inch button for the whites.  Use black crochet cotton to sew to the head and you have the pupil!)

Most of the clothing on these dolls is either Sandy's exact pattern, or modified slightly.

I used size 3 crochet cotton, which is available as Aunt Lydia's Fashion 3 or Knit Picks Curio 3.  100 grams are 280 to 300 yards, so it is like a light dk weight yarn.  With this thread I used a 2.25mm hook (B), and used the same yarn for most of the outfits.  My dolls turned out between 5 1/2 and 6 inches tall.  Knit Picks has a wonderful selection of colors, and Aunt Lydia a great selection of skin tones:  Chocolate, Copper, Natural and Bridal White.  You can sometimes find size 3 crochet cotton at Thread Art...they have a very pale pink that works well for skin tone.

Puddin Pattern on Ravelry

Enjoy looking through Sandy's wonderful collection of dolls, doll clothing, and other delights!

Enjoy the day, and enjoy the crochet!


  1. Oh my goodness, you have been busy. What lovely dolls.

    I have been taking some online mini courses. It's fun being back in school!

  2. Has trabajado mucho. ¡son todas preciosas!

  3. Hello from one crocheting Beth to another. I thought you might be interested to know I'm having fun using a few of your doll pattern to make little dolls for my granddaughter and even one for my niece's son who is potty training. It's a little boy doll with a potty. Thanks for sharing your patterns.

    1. Thank you so very much for the good words! Glad you have enjoyed some of my patterns, and it is always great to meet a fellow crochet enthusiast...especially named Beth!



  4. What a fun project! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!