Friday, July 29, 2022

Looking back


Five years ago, my friend Joyce  created a pattern to make a Hitty from crochet.  Between the two of us, we made dozens of dolls, with wardrobes and accessories and keepsake boxes.  It was great doll fun.

Fast forward.  A few days ago someone asked me for these patterns, and she was directed to the blog posts that contained them.  As I scrolled through the posts, I was reminded of all these wonderful dolls, our enjoyment, and also of so much  that  both Joyce and I have learned in the way of dollmaking techniques since this pattern was first created.

So I went back to the pattern, and tweaked it with some updates, added options for leg and arm attachment; made the torso and head as one piece, with a stabilized head that won't wobble and isn't made in two pieces.  

I changed the yarn from fingering to dk weight (a concession to my ageing eyes).  So here she is, all of six inches tall,  along with a simple outfit made of cotton dk yarn.  If you are not a carver, now you can crochet your own Hitty!

Swing and Jointed Leg Hitty pattern

Undies, A-line dress, and Sunhat

Enjoy the crochet!


  1. I may need to try one of these! I have a 'knitted' Hitty, but no crocheted ones! :-) Might be a good 'take along' project this month while camping! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Beth, do you sell your jointed crochet Hitty dolls?

    1. Usually not, as once I tell a prospective buyer the cost of a crocheted item, they are no longer interested. But thank you for asking.

  3. ¡Genial! Gracias.
    Es verdad que aunque la vista va fallando la habilidad aumenta aún más

  4. Oh My Goodness ~!!! I totally Love your Crochet Hitty !! What a Talent you have.She is beautiful !