Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick for Christmas

I've been playing dolls so much, I'm way behind on my Christmas crocheting.  Thank goodness Lionbrand has 3000 free crochet and knit patterns!  This is their 'Fast and Easy Cowl,' and it is just that, and beautiful as well.  It is crocheted of Lionbrand Amazing, a light worsted weight yarn that is 53% wool, 47% acrylic. 

It was heavenly to crochet with, light and soft, and self stripes beautifully.  The cowl took 2 skeins, so it is also fairly easy on the budget. 

The reason there are four of me (one is more than enough!) is to demonstrate the different ways this can be worn.  A lovely, versatile, warm bit of wearable art :-)

Enjoy the crochet!


  1. Love it! What a fantastic pattern, thanks for showing how it can be worn, sometimes flat photos are a bit meaningless.

  2. Oh your dolls are the ultimate! I'm really liking this scarf and am thinking it has knitting instructions as well. Thanks for send you a pic if I knit one!

  3. That DID work up beautifully! I am always pulling patterns from Lion Brand! I have to make that cowl! It looks so pretty on you, too!

  4. Very nice, looks comfy.

    til next time,


  5. Thanks so much for all the good words :-)


  6. Very nice!

    That yarn sounds lovely. I may have to pick some up the next time at the craft store. ;)

    I love using the free pattern resource at lionbrand's website.

  7. Very nice! Love the colors. :) And, the cowl scarf is so nice when walking the doggies. It doesn't slip off when I have to bend over and, uh, take care of (doggie) business.

  8. You are amazing! And you've inspired me to rediscover crocheting (after many knitting years~)